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Core xRM is now ConnectHealth. Learn more about our name change here.

Product Overview

The ConnectHealth Provider Data Management (PDM) solution was developed to meet an organization’s need to collect, analyze, monitor, and distribute provider data. It is a flexible and customizable enterprise data management system that evolves as business processes and care delivery models change over time. The data platform integrates seamlessly with both the Provider Finder and Provider Data Quality products so that you can manage all provider data inputs and outputs from a single system.

Modern Interface

Data managers effortlessly load and maintain data within a modern system that connects providers with locations in an intuitive manner. Review provider and location demographics and customized fields that allow important information to be held within the system.

Quality Data and Integrated Products

Let’s make the phrase “Garbage in. Garbage out.” a relic of the past. The Healthplexa Provider Data Platform analyzes, enriches, cleanses, and quarantine bad data at every step of the process. The result is highly accurate data that can flow to all operational areas of the business and helps members connect to the care they need.

Lightening speed analysis

Never manually add, change, or term a provider again. Our system analyzes provider changes to rosters with ease. Rosters containing more than 5,000 providers that render services in 12,000 locations can be analyzed in 20 seconds. Even better, detailed reports show you exactly what changed so you can decide if you want to approve the provider changes into your network.

100s of datapoints

Holds 100s of industry standard and customized data points that fits unique business needs.


Web-based APIs, flat file exchanges, and messaging-based interfaces allows you to easily input or export your provider data.

Proven System

The PDM solution has been used by industry leaders to manage 100,000+ providers in 20+ networks.

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