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Product Overview

Provider Finder is a turnkey solution of the Healthplexa integrated provider data platform solution offered by ConnectHealth. It provides a mobile and desktop experience where payers, benefit managers, and employers can easily connect members to the right providers. Members will benefit from the simplest search solution available in the market today. Manage multiple lines of business, markets, and networks on this highly configurable cloud-based solution.

Intuitive search. Powerful engine.

Allow members to search with ease. Members can search by name, place, service, or specialty and receive highly relevant and accurate search results. Payers and plans can influence the relevancy of preferred providers ensuring the best option for plan sponsors and participants are ranked highest. Search insights are accessible to payers highlighting what members are searching for.

Make it yours

This is a provider finder product that works for your organization. Not the other way around. Nearly everything is customizable, in most cases without the need to write code, lending this provider finder product to be an extension of your existing digital properties. Headers, footers, text, images, fonts, colors, and custom user defined fields are all fully customizable. The ConnectHealth provider finder allows for any plan, network, benefit, and tiering design to be configured and utilized in our powerful search engine, ensuring your members are receiving the right results. Capable of localizing text to multiple languages on a per market basis.

Quality data at every step

Let’s make the phrase “Garbage in. Garbage out.” A relic of the past. The ConnectHealth provider directory solution is an integrated component of the Healthplexa Provider Data Platform that analyzes, enriches, cleanses, and quarantine bad data at every step of the process. The result is highly accurate data that has passed the most rigorous quality checks thereby ensuring that the data you display on provider finder is useful your plan participants. Simple and easy to understand reporting points you to incomplete and inaccurate data that requires correction. No other provider finder on the market includes a data platform this powerful.

Integrates with SSO

Easily integrate with your existing SSO solution offering seamless access and secure sharing of member & benefit plan information to the provider finder.

Regulatory Compliance

The state and federal guidelines are observed ensuring a regulatory compliant solution out of the box.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based high availability hosting ensures your provider finder is always up and running without the IT burden.

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